What will happen?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hai all, how are u? Hopefully not busy as me now.. Just want to tell everybody that what the hell happen to me.. usually I will wake up early morning to study, but just now everything was changed. So lazy to wake up early like usually although my I already set my alarm to wake me up earlier to study.. but it is useless.. huhuhu… now, a lot of assignment I should done it because of my bad attitude. That what should I got by GOD.

If I remembered what happen to all my studies especially my test 1 and 2 to all subject that I I’ve taken this semester, I feel like down to continue my studies especially to get dean list student this semester. My expedition of my study very high, and I try to work harder to achieve my target. But, if my self still be like this, what will happen after this ?? hopefully some miracle will occur to my self.

Now, I try to wake up my self from all of that dreaming and try to get what I want in my life. My principle is so easy, I will have what I want! Even it will make me burden to get something valuable in my life. So, what I plan right now is study until “dead”.

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