It has been so long im not updating my blog…. Maybe since someone said that “he/she” laugh when read my blog… hehehe.. nvm

But, I still think that blogger have something special then people doesn’t have blog… why I said that, not every people can have their time to posting or writing in their blog..

Beside that, with this blog, it is like a medium to our friend, family and society know better at us and etc.

During this skp, maybe feel little bit bored because until now feel like my life still da same.. Sometimes, I thought how workers life going on?? Are they feel happy or force to find money to continue their life? OMG!

But what happen on my life after this, hope I will be able to find every happy part in my life..

Anyway, thanks to all my lecturers this semester because give me fully supported to continue study.. hope Allah always bless them

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